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Looking Back to Look Forward by Tracy Krauss

As 2015 comes to an end, it is natural to reflect on the year that has gone past. I’m one of those people who likes to set goals. I like making lists and checking things off as I accomplish them. This year was no different. Word count, publishing goals, marketing strategies, professional development … all… Read more »

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Does Absence Make the Pen Grow Stronger? by Pamela Mytroen

Ever thought about a long distance writing relationship? Like the old adage, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder,” I wonder if some major distance from writing would make the pen grow stronger? According to a study in the Journal of Communication, (August 8, 2013, Molly Vorweck, USA Today, usatoday.com) long distance relationships were found to… Read more »

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Middles by Janice L. Dick

Middles have a way of sagging. I’m talking about books, of course! (adapted from http://www.coloring.ws/t.asp?b=m&t=http://www.coloring.ws/animals/horses/horse7.gif)

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Seeing Our Mistakes from a New Perspective by Steph Beth Nickel

Like most people, if not everyone, I can think of a number of times I’ve wished I could press rewind and have a do-over, especially if my actions or words cost me something: money, reputation, peace of mind. But that’s not the way life works. That’s not the way God works.

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You Still Get Fudge by Brenda J. Wood

Even though the recipe is unbelievably simple, even though there are only two ingredients, the result is terrific fudge. 1 pkg. (225 g) Baker’s Semi-Sweet Chocolate 1 can (300 ml) sweetened condensed milk Line 8-inch square pan with foil, with ends of foil extending over sides; spray with cooking spray. Melt chocolate as directed on… Read more »

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A Varied Menu by Carolyn R. Wilker

Today, on this, my last post for the Inscribe professional blog, I ask you to consider your longer-term goal and how you will get there. What do you want to have accomplished by the end of the year? Is it steady blogging or perhaps progress on a book of memories, poetry, devotionals, or other short… Read more »

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Happy New Year

It’s here . . . a brand new year with brand new writing opportunities. Here are twelve suggestions to make this your best year yet:

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A Writing Plan-of-Action by Steph Beth Nickel

Do you write what you love? What you’ve volunteered to write? What may sell—someday? Or what you’ve been hired to write? How much time do you devote to each? Do you write for the masses? For a small circle of readers? For the one individual you envision yourself “speaking to” when working on a project?… Read more »

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Never Stop Learning

How to confound your family in one easy step . . . Curl up on the couch reading Lynne Truss’s Eats Shoots and Leaves and laugh uproariously while your family is trying to watch television in the same room. “Only a writer,” you say. And you’d be right. Or an editor, agent, or publisher.

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How to “Right” Funny – Brenda Wood

I’m told that I write funny. People laugh at my comments all the time, but I can’t say that I always understand why. Anyway, there is no point trying to dissect the why of a joke because then the joke is no longer funny.  Some of the world’s funniest people had no sense of humour… Read more »

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