Fall Conference

Fall Conference 2022 

Sept 22-24, 2022

Providence Renewal Centre, Edmonton, Alberta


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Watch an interview with our keynote speaker Grace Fox HERE.

Contest winners will be announced at the 2022 Fall Conference.


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Connect. Learn. Grow.


Fall Conference gives writers an opportunity to come together for inspiration, motivation, and to learn more about the craft of writing. Each year InScribe is pleased to feature a seasoned author, publisher, or other experts as the conference keynote speaker. Plus, we offer a variety of workshop topics and presenters. We make time for getting to know other writers or personal creative time. This is a weekend where writers—whether they are seasoned or just beginning—can connect for fellowship, encouragement, and support.

At the Fall Conference each year we hold the Inscribe Annual General Meeting.

In conjunction with the conference each year, InScribe members are called to enter their submissions in our annual Fall Writing Contest.



Grace Fox is the author of 12 books, a member of the “First 5” writing team (P31 Ministries) and a contributor to Guideposts’ annual devotional, Mornings With Jesus. She also co-hosts the podcast “Your Daily Bible Verse.” A career missionary for nearly 30 years, Grace lives aboard a sailboat in Vancouver, British Columbia. Married in 1982, she and her husband celebrate three grown kids and eleven grandchildren.


Her latest release, Keeping Hope Alive: Devotions for Strength in the Storm, is available wherever Christian books are sold. https://www.hendricksonrose.com/p/keeping-hope-alive/9781649380517


You can subscribe to Grace’s weekly devotional blog and monthly update on her website – www.gracefox.com/blog






  • Janice L. Dick – Publish Your Book Independently 
  • Carol Harrison – Communicating our Story Orally
  • Connie Inglis – Good Dialogue Tells a Good Story
  • Martina Keast – Emotive Expressive Adventure
  • Marcia Laycock – 4 F’s of Fine Fiction
  • Dayna Mazzuca – Roses in Winter (Poetry) & Write from your Core (Spiritual Gifts)
  • Colleen McCubbin – Promoting Your Writing
  • Ruth Snyder – Social Audio/Twitter Spaces

Janice L. Dick – Presenter

Publish Your Book Independently

This presentation is for writers who would like to publish independently, but are unsure how to begin…or how to carry on.

The basics:

— Where are you currently as a writer?

— Why do you want to publish your work independently?

Once that’s established, we’ll focus on steps to reach our goals

— Step 1: How to make your story the best it can be

— Step 2: How to create an author persona/media kit and actually publish a book

— Step 3: How to market yourself and your work in order to gain readers

I will have some excellent handouts that offer more specifics.

Janice L. Dick is the author of both historical and contemporaryfiction. She has independently published nine books to date,and plans to continue her contemporary cozy mysteries in thefuture.Janice loves toteach and coach other writers, and hasalso recently begun to edit translations of online devotionals



Carol Harrison – Presenter

Communicating Our Story Orally

I believe it is important to tell our stories well. Learning excellent oral communication skills so we are ready to give an answer to those that ask, to share our stories and discuss our writing, is part of the process.

In this workshop we will look at the following through the 5 P’s of communicating our story: Pray, Prepare, Practice, Practical Tips, and the Presentation itself.

1. What are some communication skills I can learn?

a. How do these effect sales and opportunities to promote our work?

– Authors sell books and they sell more when they interact with the audience – their readers.

b. Look at:

– Controlling our fear

– Getting the audience’s attention

c. Holding the attention of the audience

– How to craft your presentation

– Good speaking skills

– Knowing how to end well

– Reading the audience.

d. Impromptu speaking

– Interviews, Readings, Q&A sessions

2. What things do I need to have prepared alongside the skills I have or am learning?

Carol Harrison B.Ed. is a published author and inspirational speaker who is passionate about mentoring people of all ages to find their voice and reach their fullest potential. She is a Distinguished Toastmaster and has taught many communication workshops to new Canadians, students, and various organizations.





Connie Inglis – Presenter

Good Dialogue Tells a Good Story

How does a writer use dialogue to tell their story, whether fiction or non-fiction? In this workshop we will look at the dos and don’ts of writing effective dialogue, focusing specifically on the importance of writing a thorough character arc, showing not telling, and the use (and overuse) of dialogue tags. It needs to be relatable and character-driven.

Connie Mae Inglis has lived life to the full with her family overseas as a Bible translator, literacy worker and teacher. She is passionate about serving minority language groups, being a grandma, and writing. You can find more of her writing, including information about her recent novel, Rewriting Adam, at www.conniemaeinglis.ca

Martina Keast – Presenter

Emotive Expressive Adventure

Psalm 1 – Lectio Divina – creative response.

Participants will be invited to give their creative response using the medium of their choice. Art supplies will be provided.

A few years ago, the Lord led Martina to create collaborative creative and adventurous resources. Combined with education, practical applications, and life experiences, she is now an Expressive Art Practitioner. She offers online Christian Ethics and Expressive Art Adventures based on her books.

Marcia Laycock – Presenter

4 F’s of Fine Fiction

Find the theme of your life & word;

Show don’t Tell;

Know your characters and setting;

Write effective dialogue;

Put an emotional punch in your writing.

Marcia Lee Laycock is a popular speaker, a prolific free-lance writer and author of poetry, short stories and award-winning fiction and non-fiction. Her work has been endorsed by notable Christian authors, Jane and Mark Buchanan. Marcia’s writing has also been broadcast on CBC Radio. Visit her website.


Dayna Mazzuca – Presenter


This is a POETRY workshop; an opportunity to enter into the deep places life takes us. We’ll talk about the inner growth that pain invites us into: and respond through poetry. We’ll talk about universal experiences that hit us where we live: and respond through poetry. We’ll talk about how God sets a feast for us, even in the desert: and respond through poetry. All writers welcome. This hands-on workshop is based on my latest book of poems called “Roses in Winter.”

Write from your Core

 An overview of the 5 spiritual gifts as found in Ephesians 4:11 followed by a time to write. There will be prompts based on each of the five gifts: the Teacher, Pastor, Evangelist, Apostle and Prophet. We will gather in like-gifted groups to respond to these prompts. We will finish with a Q&A on how our gift might apply to our writing, specifically. This hands-on workshop will be based on my new book “5 Navigators, aligning with our spiritual gift”.

DAYNA MAZZUCA is a long-time member of Inscribe who enjoys writing and speaking. Her formal background is in Journalism, Philosophy and Spiritual Formation. She has nine books of poetry published, the latest one, LONGINGS OF THE SOUL, A POETIC RESPONSE, focusing on seven spiritual practices that lift our heart to God. Dayna brings a dynamic and interactive approach to her workshops and has gotten some great feedback. She’s online at www.daynamazzuca.com


Ruth Snyder – Presenter

Social Audio/Twitter Spaces

This workshop will include a general introduction to Twitter and an overview of social audio. Then we will discuss how to participate in Twitter Spaces, tips for hosting your own space, and ways authors can use Twitter Spaces for book launches, webinars, books clubs and more.

Ruth L. Snyder is an author, speaker, and coach. She helps entrepreneurs write, publish, and profit from their books. Ruth figures out ways to work smarter, not harder, and then shares those tips with her clients. Ruth has shared her expertise on platforms like Thrive Global, Women in Publishing, Authority Magazine, The Write Coach, and Christian Book Academy. Connect with Ruth at https://ruthlsnyder.com




Colleen McCubbin – Presenter

Promoting Your Writing

Promote Your Book

You can enjoy promoting your book.

Do you believe that?

Are you introverted or nervous? Afraid to put yourself out there? We’ll talk about self-consciousness and ways to bolster your courage.

Marketing and promotion is not about you. It’s about finding and serving your audience with conviction. When you focus on serving both your message and your audience, this attitude infuses your promotional activities with meaning and even joy as people begin to respond, connect, and interact with your work—and with you!