Membership Fees

  • 1 year – $50
  • 1 year Student – $40
  • 1 year Family – $80
  • 2 year – $80
  • 1 year International – $60

    The online membership application form MUST be completed. Do not send payment without the form. (Payment method can be chosen on the form.)

ALL memberships include a PDF copy of the FellowScript magazine (hardcopies must be purchased separately.)

Student memberships are available to a student of any age attending a recognized educational facility on a full-time basis.

Family memberships entitle two (or more) members of the same household access to all member benefits, including discounted event rates, contest eligibility, and the PDF of FellowScript as well as all the other services and activities available. An online membership form must be filled out by EACH person, indicating who is paying for the membership.

Because we offer several memberships, please select carefully on the online membership form. Payment is separate from registration but both the online membership form and payment must be received to activate your chosen membership.

FellowScript Magazine
All memberships receive four PDF copies per year of the FellowScript magazine.
Hardcopy subscriptions to FellowScript are available for an additional $20 (for members, $40 for non-members.) You will receive the hardcopy edition by mail as well as the PDF version.
Please add this subscription to your online membership form.

How to apply for membership.

  • Fill out the online membership form that applies to you and submit using the “Submit” button.
  • You will choose your payment method on the online membership form. If paying by credit card through Stripe, the payment is automatic. If choosing to send a cheque or e-transfer, you must do so separately from submitting the form. Please do so promptly.

Membership is not valid until both the form and payment are received.