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Nuggets from This Year’s Fall Conference by Tracy Krauss

Every year I look forward to attending InScribe’s annual Fall Conference. This year was no exception. From the onset, I knew it would be different because it was being held at a camp rather than in a conference centre or hotel. A more “rustic” atmosphere meant we were more relaxed. “Retreat style” was the phrase… Read more »

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How ChatGPT is Changing the Writing Landscape Part 2 by Tracy Krauss

Last time I talked in general terms about ChatGPT, the revolutionary new AI writing tool that is taking the world by storm. Like any technology, it has its pros and cons. Some writers feel that it is sounding our death nell, but as I explained last time, its responses often sound very formulaic and soulless… Read more »

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How ChatGPT is Changing the Writing Landscape Part 1 by Tracy Krauss

You’re probably getting sick of hearing about ChatGPT. (Unless you’ve been sleeping…) Inessence, ChatGPT is a revolutionary AI technology that can write original content with just afew prompts – and sound very human while doing it! Is this the end for writers? I don’t think so. While it is truly amazing, and while it may cause… Read more »

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Real Life Examples from the Spectrum by Tracy Krauss

Last time I briefly went over the basic types of publishing options available to today’s author. Today I plan to “expose” myself as I let you in on some of my own experiences—some of them wonderful, some not so great, but all important in terms of my learning curve. Perhaps you can find something of… Read more »

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Artist or Entrepreneur by Tracy Krauss

Writers are artists. At least that’s my bottom line and I’m sticking to it. But these days, writers have to think like business-people, too. It’s a reality we’ve all had to come to terms with, like it or not. There is no more holing oneself in an attic somewhere with one’s muse while an agent,… Read more »

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Write What You Love Part 2 by Tracy Krauss

It’s the month of love and we’re focusing on just that—writing what you love. Last time I talked about following your own calling when it comes to what you write. Today I want to be a bit more specific and talk about romance and see how it applies to any other genre. (It is February!)… Read more »

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Write What You Love Part 1 by Tracy Krauss

Since it’s Valentine’s month, it seems fitting to focus this month’s posts on writing what we love.What does that look like exactly? If I am passionate about a subject, I want to dig in order to find the truth. I seek out those with more experience. I research, interview, read, and watch. If I am… Read more »

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Insights and Inspiration from DS Martin Part Two by Tracy Krauss

This is the second post inspired by the keynote addresses given by Canadian poet DS Martin at InScribe’s 2021 Fall Conference. To recap: Writing is a calling, but this doesn’t mean one has to write Christian content. The best way to glorify God is to strive to be excellent at whatever He’s called us to… Read more »

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Scheduling the SMART Way by Tracy Krauss

Last time I mentioned the importance of creating some kind of schedule if one wishes to be a productive writer. This includes creating SMART goals for various projects. More on those in a bit. I recommend blocking out time that is specifically for writing – not social media, not marketing, not checking emails… Just writing…. Read more »

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Office Hours by Tracy Krauss

I love a schedule. I’m a list maker and get genuinely excited about calendars, dayplanners, and online tools. During this season of COVID, I have found that keeping a schedule is even more important for my mental health than previously. It helps me to stay focused, gives me a sense of purpose (and a reason… Read more »

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