Fall Contest

FALL CONTEST 2022 – Submissions Open! Deadline August 18th, 2022

InScribe’s annual Fall Contest is exclusively for members to submit new, unpublished work. Contest is a safe place to try a new genre and receive professional feedback, or to enter a few of your favourite genres. This year we are offering four categories for unpublished work. See below for guidelines and details on cash prizes, categories and more.

Interested, but not a member? See the Membership page.

All writers are encouraged to enter, regardless of level

  • Free for writers 18 years and younger
  • Judges are professional writers, and entries are judged according to these rubrics
  • A minimum of four entries in each category is required. In the case of less than four, that category will be dissolved, and entry fees refunded
  • No simultaneous submissions (please do not send same manuscript to another contest)
  • Please do not enter the same manuscript in more than one category
  • Late entries will be discarded

CONTEST GUIDELINES: Steps to Enter Your Piece(s)

  1. Membership required if you are over 18 years of age. If you are not a member, please join us here.
  2. Please write something original in one of the categories below. 
  3. Follow the rubrics to craft a winning piece. 
  4. Click HERE for submissions
    FREE entry for ages 18 and under. $30 per entry.
    Includes a critique by a professional writer.   


All unpublished, new work. Pieces may be written for the mainstream or the Christian market. Truth may be presented subtly or overtly as long as the message of the piece does not contradict Scripture.

See judging rubrics here. . 

  • Adult Fiction – Short Story– Maximum 1500 words. 
  • Devotional – Maximum 400 words. Scripture must be included.
  • Poetry – Maximum 40 lines. Any style. Please state style on your submission (eg: free verse, rhymed, sonnet, etc.).
  • Essay-Current Issue, from a Christian Perspective – Maximum 1500 words


First: $100  
Second: $50 
Third: $30 
Each winner will also receive a certificate.

*Acceptance of a prize grants First North American Serial Rights to InScribe to publish the award-winning manuscript.  Publication in FellowScript is considered at the discretion of the editorial staff and may appear in hardcopy or in the online Fall Supplement.

  • Certificates are included with all prizes, including Honourable Mentions
  • Winners are announced at Fall Conference, and in FellowScript, on Social Media and on blogs.
  • To encourage quality craftsmanship in the entries, the judges may not award all prizes in a given category.
  • This is a blind contest. Judges will not enter into discussions or disputes regarding their decisions or awards.
  • The contest coordinator does not judge the entries.

Questions? Please contact contests@inscribe.org with “Fall Contest Questions” in the subject field.


  • Did you follow every step under “Steps to Enter Your Piece”?
  • Did you send your form for your manuscript?
  • Did you check the rubrics
  • Remember NOT to put your name on your manuscript.

Thank you for all your hard work, and the courage you have put into entering the Inscribe Fall Contest!

All entries must be sent via submission form no later than AUGUST 18th at midnight your local time.
Late entries will be discarded.