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Write Compelling Cozy Mysteries by Steph Beth Nickel

This post originally appeared on the InScribe Writers Online blog earlier this month. Among many others genres, I enjoy reading a compelling cozy mystery. In my mind, these are five of the characteristics that make a story “unputdownable”: “In Medias Res” Opening I want to be plunged into the middle of the action. I’ll figure… Read more »

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A Variety of Genres by Steph Beth Nickel

While there are several advantages to writing in only one or two genres, there are successful authors who write in a variety of genres. Authors choose the genre(s) they write in based on a number of factors. Not surprisingly, one of these factors is what they enjoy reading. The following are some of the genres… Read more »

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‘Twas the Day Before Christmas by Steph Beth Nickel

Below is a poem I wrote several years ago. Be encouraged! ’Twas the day before Christmas and all through the land,The people were traveling, some hand in hand,No stockings were hung, no chimneys in sight,Just walking – keep walking – until it is night. Some people were nestled all snug in their bedsWhile others had… Read more »

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Overcoming Procrastination by Steph Beth Nickel

Don’t get too excited. This isn’t a step-by-step process to overcome procrastination once and for all. It is, however, a list of things that may help you increasingly gain victory over procrastination, especially in the areas of writing and publishing. Forgive Yourself As much as we’d like to, we can’t hop in a time machine,… Read more »

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The Importance of Silence by Steph Beth Nickel

Perhaps you’re a creative who loves to work in silence—or just sit and let it wash over you. As an extrovert, interacting with others charges my batteries. But that doesn’t mean I’m not beginning to grasp the value of silence. Many people work with music in the background—or a familiar TV show or a podcast… Read more »

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Big Dreams and Realistic Expectations by Steph Beth Nickel

The Importance of Big Dreams As a new year dawns, it’s natural to set goals for the upcoming 12 months. It’s also natural if some of those goals are fueled by our big dreams. This year I discovered it’s essential that I dream big. If I don’t, I lack the motivation to persevere with everyday… Read more »

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Don’t Fear Failure by Steph Beth Nickel

As creatives, it’s important that we become resilient. Last time we talked about why we shouldn’t fear rejection. This time we’re going to talk about a related topic, the fear of failure. The two are intricately connected, but they’re not exactly the same. We must determine for ourselves how we define both failure and success…. Read more »

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Are Passion and Purpose Compatible by Steph Beth Nickel

When Direction is Needed Just because you’re passionate about something doesn’t necessarily mean you should pursue it. But, conversely, that passion may be evidence of God’s call on your life. Discernment needed! I used to refer to myself as eclectically interested and eclectically involved. These are still true of me. However, I’m learning the importance… Read more »

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Lists for Writers by Steph Beth Nickel

Many of us would be lost without our To-Do list. And what about our grocery list? If you’re anything like me, a trip to the grocery store without a list usually means picking up several sale items I know we’ll use someday as well as several snacks that catch my eye. I definitely don’t trust… Read more »

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Too Tired for the Journey by Steph Beth Nickel

Twenty-twenty-one stretches out before us. Some of us are excited by all the possibilities. Others … not so much. We get tired just thinking about the next twelve months. It’s possible that the majority of us vacillate between the two. Some days we’re optimistic and energized. Other days we want to pull the covers over… Read more »

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