To be held at the FCJ Retreat & Conference Centre in Calgary, Alberta

with Michelle Dwyer

From Michelle’s website: Michelle Dwyer is a laughing, red-shoe-wearing dealer of hope. She loves to get real with people. She is passionate about igniting fires of hope and equipping others to live in emotional and spiritual health so they can flourish and become agents of transformation in the world around them. She speaks at workshops, conferences, retreats, and leads a church in Calgary. All of this is fuelled by her desire for everyone to encounter the dynamic, loving presence of God who restored her broken heart and tormented mind.

Her resume includes legal assistant, teacher, author, RCMP Chaplain, and pastor. She holds an MA in Leadership and Ministry from Ambrose University and makes her home in Calgary, Alberta, with her husband Brian. They have three mostly grownup kids.

Stay tuned for more information!