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Combining the P’s by Tracy Krauss

Tracy Krauss was not able to share a new post with us this week. Instead, you will find her first post for this blog below. Enjoy! Plotting vs. Pantsing There is much debate among authors over which works best. There is certainly merit to both methods. Plotting ensures continuity while pantsing keeps it fresh. It’s… Read more »

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Seeing Our Mistakes from a New Perspective by Steph Beth Nickel

Like most people, if not everyone, I can think of a number of times I’ve wished I could press rewind and have a do-over, especially if my actions or words cost me something: money, reputation, peace of mind. But that’s not the way life works. That’s not the way God works.

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Touch, The Intimate Sense: Part 3 of Writing with Sensory Details – Sandi Somers

Blind and deaf, Helen Keller developed a very refined sense of touch, even able to know that a person was approaching as she felt vibrations on the floor. She learned to “see” people and discern their character through touching different parts of the face. Helen learned to understand speech through feeling the vibrations on a… Read more »

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