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Anthony Ray Hinton: An Example of Perseverance by Pamela Mytroen

Death Row. Where darkness and despair crush all hope; where the stench of fear, rats, and roaches permeate every breath—this was where Anthony Ray Hinton had to make a choice. Would he continue to boil with hatred and strangle the guard before him or would he choose to accept the 5’x7′ space that contained his… Read more »

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Pressing On, Not Stressing Out by Pamela Mytroen

Olympic athletes need a strategy to gain that millisecond over their competitor. Dr. Mark Rosekind, Olympic athlete sleep specialist, says that sleep, or rest, is the edge that creates winners (Georgina Bernard, “Do Olympic Athletes Have Rest Days?” Feb2018). Rest days are precious to athletes because they are taken very rarely. There are three different… Read more »

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But Then Something Happened by Janice Dick

I was ready to pack it in! I had committed to putting out the third and final book in my current series, and then maybe I’d just quit. Live an ordinary life. Not have to keep learning new skills and trends to keep up my writing career. I had learned many things: — How to… Read more »

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Accountability Accountable by Tracy Krauss

Accountability. No matter how I try to sidestep this particular word, it keeps coming to me as I ponder my goals for 2017. A friend posted one of those “fun” activities on Facebook where people are asked to comment. I don’t often participate in these types of things, but this one sounded interesting. It asked… Read more »

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Worth the Risk by Pamela Mytroen

Do you ever worry that after you have invested days, weeks, and months researching and writing a manuscript that it will not be publishable and that you will have wasted your time? That is my biggest fear about writing. Time. It is so valuable and there are no guarantees that you will see a return for… Read more »

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Sold Out by Brenda J Wood

That phrase is music to the author’s ears. Sold out! We whisper to ourselves, “Why that means they love me. They love my book. I am a success!” And when we don’t hear those words, do we hear these? “I’m a failure. I might as well quit writing. I’ll never make it in this business.”

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New Beginnings by Pamela Mytroen

Just like bringing a baby into the world, writing may be a painful process as you conceptualize worlds, characters, and projects into being. Expect the struggle. Plan on packing patience for the process. Sometimes it is the writing that is the struggle, and other times the writing is affected by life’s surprises and hindrances. They… Read more »

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