But Then Something Happened by Janice Dick

I was ready to pack it in! I had committed to putting out the third and final book in my current series, and then maybe I’d just quit. Live an ordinary life. Not have to keep learning new skills and trends to keep up my writing career.

I had learned many things:
— How to build a website (not that I could do it again).
— How to compose a blog and schedule it on my site.
— How to create my own imprint (again, don’t expect me to make another, but at the time I figured that if I were going to all the work of writing my own book and self-publishing it, I wanted my own name/imprint on the spine).

However, with all the brain cells working at warp speed, I was feeling career-challenged. It was all too much, and I didn’t know if I had enough mental capacity or motivation to continue. But then something happened.

I received an email from a professional Christian writing group in the process of formation, wondering if I’d be interested in joining their relatively small collection of authors. We would work together to aid one another in marketing and promotion. They had a virtual assistant, they said, because they all shared my dislike of marketing.

To say I was surprised wasn’t quite true, but I was most certainly pleased. You see, in the past, when faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles, I have often felt a nudge from God to get me back on track. As if he were saying, “This woman needs help!” This was one of those times. I recognized the nudge, but it wasn’t frustrating or condescending. It was sweet and loving. Because the One who gave me this love for words also has the resources to keep me going.

This new journey has only begun and has been a little daunting at times, with much to learn and the responsibility of doing my part, but in the process, I’ve discovered hope. Motivation. Inspiration. And the distinct knowledge that I am not allowed to quit. Not yet.

Why am I telling you this?

Because you may be at a similar juncture in your writing life. Wondering if you want to continue in the face of constant change and struggle. Your journey will not be the same as mine, but when our God calls us, we’d best obey. That’s what life is about: abiding in the Vine, listening for the voice of God, following His lead. Doing what only we can do, with His help, so He can produce fruit in us. (See John 15)

Note that producing the fruit is God’s part. Ours is abiding. Obeying.

So, whatever season you may be in, keep abiding. Keep listening. Keep obeying. You never know what new direction He may have in mind for you.

Janice L. Dick writes historical and contemporary fiction, inspirational articles and book reviews. She also edits and presents writing workshops.


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  1. Janet Sketchley says:

    Abiding and obeying. You’ve nailed it, Jan, and isn’t God amazing about those encouraging “keep going” nudges?

    1. Janice Dick says:

      For sure, Janet. It’s exciting, if a bit frightening at the same time. That positive tension!

  2. Tracy Krauss says:

    Wow. This is encouraging. I’ve felt like quitting at times, too, but feel inspired to persevere.

  3. Janice Dick says:

    Oh yes, Tracy. You have so much to give.

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