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Unblinded by Brenda J Wood

“God it is dark where I am right now, dark. I can’t see any farther than the nose on my face … which to be honest is farther than most people–due to its size.” That’s a line from my journal during one of my times of loss and despair. It’s followed by: “How can I… Read more »

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In the Dark About Dark Times by Tracy Krauss

This month’s prompt asked, “How do dark times enhance our writing?” I’m sure I blinked, not quite sure I understood the question. I felt stumped. I felt stymied. I felt ill equipped to write on this topic.

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Different Yet the Same by Steph Beth Nickel

Whether we write full-time or simply devote a couple of hours a week to our craft, we are more than simply writers. We’re husbands and wives, students and teachers, executives and factory workers, income earners and volunteers, young adults and retirees. No stereotype will fit, but we do have many things in common.

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What are You Reading? by Brenda J. Wood

As you will read, Brenda sat down to write something much different but felt God had a word of encouragement for each of us.

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Encouraging the Disillusioned Writer — Carolyn R. Wilker

Recently I wrote a letter to a fellow writer who had become discouraged. How could I help her get her pen moving again—or her fingers to the keyboard? After thinking on it awhile, this is what I wrote:  Dear Discouraged Writer There’s so much to learn, between writer’s guidelines and grammar and the struggle with… Read more »

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Good Intentions — Brenda Wood

Does anyone else have a closet full of impulsive good intentions? I used to rush out to buy the materials for a new craft I wanted to learn, or fabric for another quilt. I signed up for a class or bought a novel I’d always wanted to read, but because I didn’t make time for… Read more »

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I Don’t Believe in Writing — Pam Mytroen

I have always felt a little uncomfortable about calling myself a writer, partly because I don’t write full-time, but more because I felt the title constricted me. Calling myself a writer was a betrayal to my deeper calling.  I am so much more than a writer. And so are you. I write, but I am… Read more »

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Waste Not, Want Not — Brenda Wood

Because I am a stasher beyond compare, I plan to make Nancy Zieman’s no-sew fabric wreath. You see, it will use up all those leftover bits and pieces from my fabric stash. I can’t bear to throw them away because they are so pretty. Realistically though, they are too small for an apron and not… Read more »

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Writing, even when it’s hard to do — Carolyn R. Wilker

In January, blogger and author Jeff Goins issued a challenge to fellow writers to write 500 words a day for the month of January. He not only issued the challenge, but he also offered a list of things to write about. While I used the word count for my own projects, journalling and letter writing,… Read more »

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Measuring Success as a Writer — Brenda Wood

James Patterson just published his millionth book and Thomas Kinkade is selling paintings by the tons and then there is …us. What is the matter with us? Why isn’t our work broadcast around the globe? What are we doing wrong?

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