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Writing, even when it’s hard to do — Carolyn R. Wilker

In January, blogger and author Jeff Goins issued a challenge to fellow writers to write 500 words a day for the month of January. He not only issued the challenge, but he also offered a list of things to write about. While I used the word count for my own projects, journalling and letter writing,… Read more »

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Marketing, Publicity and Agents — Brenda J. Wood

Didn’t we all suspect this? Best Seller Lists are a scam. Artificially bumped-up sales have nothing to do with actual books. Apparently some authors pay huge money to make the lists. Where does that leave us who have no money but wouldn’t try this trick even if we had any? It leaves us in the… Read more »

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Writing Goals and Distractions — Janice Dick

I’ve come to my office to write. That’s the plan, but my actual behavior is often quite different from my intent: 9:30 AM  Go upstairs to office 9:35 AM  Tidy desk, clean up desktop, align folders. 9:45 AM  Check emails (there might be a message from my agent or an editor, or even that contest… Read more »

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Measuring Success as a Writer — Brenda Wood

James Patterson just published his millionth book and Thomas Kinkade is selling paintings by the tons and then there is …us. What is the matter with us? Why isn’t our work broadcast around the globe? What are we doing wrong?

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Welcome to the InScribe Blog on Writing…

Welcome to the InScribe Blog on Writing… Articles are published weekly on Thursdays. Our contributors are experienced writers and they are eager to share their expertise and knowledge with you.

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