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Overcoming Obstacles in Writing by Carol Harrison

What’s stopping you? Recently I attended a workshop on “Overcoming Obstacles in your Writing” by Jennifer Sparks from Saskatoon. It gave me lots to contemplate as I search my own writing life to figure out the obstacles holing me back or stopping me from writing. I’ve been asking myself how I can get unstuck and… Read more »

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In the Dark About Dark Times by Tracy Krauss

This month’s prompt asked, “How do dark times enhance our writing?” I’m sure I blinked, not quite sure I understood the question. I felt stumped. I felt stymied. I felt ill equipped to write on this topic.

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Sit on It by Brenda J. Wood

“Back in the saddle” refers to a cowboy who returned to work after recovering from an injury. Gene Autry’s song made it a household phrase. Unfortunately, it also means the back part of a chicken, the part nearest its tail. Now I’m not saying that writer’s block turns us into chicken-livered, yellow-belly, word avoiders, but… Read more »

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A Sabbatical, Not an Excuse by Tracy Krauss

The book of Ecclesiastics tells us that there is a season to every activity. We are all familiar with the “list,” but nowhere does it say, “A time to write and a time to refrain from writing.” Still, God Himself provides us with a cyclical example by resting on the seventh day. It is reasonable… Read more »

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Start Where You Are — Brenda Wood

Struggling with a topic? Don’t know how to get that fascinating novel onto paper? Let me ask …do you journal? Our story may actually set someone else on the path to freedom because it gives encouragement and hope. It honours God and becomes a ‘remembrance’ stone.

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On Writer’s Block: Help for writers who need it — Carolyn Wilker

Have you ever had a day that you couldn’t write? When the blank computer screen seems to taunt you? You’re not alone. Books and articles have been written on the topic, telling writers how to break free of it and what to do when it hits.

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Welcome to the InScribe Blog on Writing…

Welcome to the InScribe Blog on Writing… Articles are published weekly on Thursdays. Our contributors are experienced writers and they are eager to share their expertise and knowledge with you.

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