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Free to Write Fearless by Violet Nesdoly

Chances are good if you are a writer or have ever considered writing as a career or avocation, you’ve had some of the following fears: People will see what a bad speller I am, and terrible at grammar to boot. What I write will show me up as simple, unsophisticated, boring, etc. I’ll work long… Read more »

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11 Ways Writing Has Helped Me Grow by Pamela Mytroen

1. I learned that sometimes you don’t go anywhere as a writer until you take a risk. I got hired as a correspondent because I took a risk and pitched an editorial the day after 9/11. 2. I learned that 100-year-old women do not handle long interviews well. They tend to fall asleep. 3. In… Read more »

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Sit on It by Brenda J. Wood

“Back in the saddle” refers to a cowboy who returned to work after recovering from an injury. Gene Autry’s song made it a household phrase. Unfortunately, it also means the back part of a chicken, the part nearest its tail. Now I’m not saying that writer’s block turns us into chicken-livered, yellow-belly, word avoiders, but… Read more »

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