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The Energy of Synergy by Sheila Webster

I love, love, love the synergy of being with other writers. Some synonyms for synergy are “community, fellowship, communion, reciprocity, and cooperativeness.” Sounds like InScribe writers! Recently I collaborated with Ruth Snyder on another compilation of short essays, poems etc., Men Who Matter.  The first compilation, Strong Moms, was doing well, and everyone who purchased or borrowed a… Read more »

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Publicity, Platform and Social Media — Ruth L. Snyder

Recently I read two opposing opinions on publicity, platform, and social media: one by Sandra Beckwith and the other by Ewan Morrison. Sandra says, “We’ll talk about how to create and use the single most effective publicity tool for both fiction and nonfiction.” Ewan Morrison counters with, “Do you want to spend 80% of your… Read more »

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7 Steps to Publishing an e-Book on Kindle — Ruth L. Snyder

Val Waldeck presented a course called How to Prepare and Publish Your Books for Amazon’s Kindle as part of the recent e-Book Publishing Boot Camp I attended. She started her presentation by informing us that Amazon is selling “twice as many Kindle books now, as they’re selling hard covers…

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4 Ways to create e-books — Ruth L. Snyder

Recently I had the opportunity to participate in the eBook Publishing Boot Camp organized by D’Vorah Lansky. Many presentations were made over the course of two weeks. In this post I will be sharing what I learned from Jim Edwards in his session, Four Ways to Write Your Non-Fiction Book or eBook to Publish &… Read more »

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5 Reasons you should create your own writer’s notebook — Ruth L. Snyder

Every writer should have a notebook that goes everywhere with them and is used every day. Why? Here are my top five reasons: 1. To keep track of possible topics for stories or articles – Ideas come to writers at the strangest times and places. You could be sleeping, or walking down the sidewalk, or… Read more »

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Write using your 5 senses — Ruth L. Snyder

A phrase we hear often as writers is “Show, don’t tell.” One way we can do this more effectively is to include descriptions using all five senses. “Sensory words paint vivid pictures that relate to the five senses: sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste. In fiction, non-fiction and poetry, they serve as a type of shorthand… Read more »

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News Release Basics for Writers — Ruth L. Snyder

Any writer who is working on marketing a book or other product should know some basics about news releases. For a quick overview, check out

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10 Twitter Resources for Writers — Ruth L. Snyder

Now that you know the basics of Twitter you’re ready to dive in deeper. There are many topics we could discuss about Twitter. However, each writer has different reasons for using Twitter which will affect what he or she wants to learn. Here are some resources I’ve found helpful.

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10 Tips to Create Outstanding Tweets — Ruth L. Snyder

You have your Twitter account set up, now you’re ready to tweet. Here are ten tips for creating outstanding tweets that will help you gain followers and keep people interested in what you have to say.

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Twitter for Writers: An Introduction — Ruth L. Snyder

Most marketers recommend writers become active on social media as a way of promoting their work. Twitter is one of many social media platforms available today. Twitter allows you to post short (140 characters maximum) updates to share what you’re doing, link to interesting information, or answer questions.

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