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The Energy of Synergy by Sheila Webster

I love, love, love the synergy of being with other writers. Some synonyms for synergy are “community, fellowship, communion, reciprocity, and cooperativeness.” Sounds like InScribe writers! Recently I collaborated with Ruth Snyder on another compilation of short essays, poems etc., Men Who Matter.  The first compilation, Strong Moms, was doing well, and everyone who purchased or borrowed a… Read more »

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Write What You Love Part 2 by Tracy Krauss

It’s the month of love and we’re focusing on just that—writing what you love. Last time I talked about following your own calling when it comes to what you write. Today I want to be a bit more specific and talk about romance and see how it applies to any other genre. (It is February!)… Read more »

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Insights and Inspiration from DS Martin Part Two by Tracy Krauss

This is the second post inspired by the keynote addresses given by Canadian poet DS Martin at InScribe’s 2021 Fall Conference. To recap: Writing is a calling, but this doesn’t mean one has to write Christian content. The best way to glorify God is to strive to be excellent at whatever He’s called us to… Read more »

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