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Now that you know the basics of Twitter you’re ready to dive in deeper. There are many topics we could discuss about Twitter. However, each writer has different reasons for using Twitter which will affect what he or she wants to learn. Here are some resources I’ve found helpful. I hope they answer your questions and help you to use Twitter more effectively.

  1. 13 Easy Steps for Beginners on Twitter – Information on what to do and NOT do on Twitter, including defining your goals, exploring different ways of using Twitter, and even a video on the basics.
  2. Not sure where to look for more interesting people to follow on Twitter? Check out 20 Twitter Directories to Find More Friends and Followers.
  3. Want to learn more about hash tags (e.g. #writer)? What Characters Can a Hashtag Include is very helpful.
  4. Wondering why some tweets are more effective than others? Check out Good Tweet vs. Bad Tweet.
  5. Did you know that you can use Twitter to do your research? It can be a wonderful tool, even more effective than Google IF you know how to do it. How to Get the Most Out of Twitter Search will show you how.
  6. Does your bio need some help? Your bio can mean the difference between someone following you or ignoring you. Optimize Your Twitter Bio will give you some helpful suggestions.
  7. Are you still wondering if Twitter is worth the effort? Check out the research on Social Media Facts and Infographics by Jeff Bullas.
  8. Need to trim your Twitter account? (If you are following hundreds of people who aren’t following you, Twitter will limit the number of people you can follow.) Flitter is one tool you may want to check out.
  9. Need some guidance on which Twitter hashtags to use as a writer? Check out 44 Essential Twitter Hashtags Every Author Should Know and then hone the list down to those that are most effective for you.
  10. How Writers Can Use Twitter for Networking and Success will give you more reasons to use Twitter as a writer and also provides helpful tips.

Happy learning! I hope you will enjoy Twitter as much as I do and find it as useful as I have. It is only one tool, but a very effective one if you know how to use it.

I have written several posts on Twitter and will be moving on to other social media. Any suggestions?

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