Foray into a Facebook Party by Tracy Krauss

Foray into a Facebook Party I recently launched my eighth novel, Three Strand Cord, and decided to add a new dimension to my launch day plans. I hosted a Facebook party! While this may not be new to some, it was new to me. I had participated in an authors’ online party before as part… Read more »

Hiding in Plain Sight by Brenda J Wood

Hiding in Plain Sight Yes, that is me, incognito on Canada Day here in my little town, Why ever are you dressed like that? Because I can, Because, though highly visible, I am hidden in the crowd, Don’t point fingers at me; you do the same thing. It’s got nothing to do with the hat,… Read more »

Fearless Marketing — Nikki Rosen

Mention the name Samuel Langhorne Clemens and people will scratch their heads and ask, “Who is that?” But say the name Mark Twain and they’ll break out in a smile and nod. He smoked at the age of nine, detested school and led a group of boys in wild pranks. Hmmm. Sounds a lot like… Read more »

Publicity, Platform and Social Media — Ruth L. Snyder

Recently I read two opposing opinions on publicity, platform, and social media: one by Sandra Beckwith and the other by Ewan Morrison. Sandra says, “We’ll talk about how to create and use the single most effective publicity tool for both fiction and nonfiction.” Ewan Morrison counters with, “Do you want to spend 80% of your… Read more »

Marketing, Publicity and Agents — Brenda J. Wood

Didn’t we all suspect this? Best Seller Lists are a scam. Artificially bumped-up sales have nothing to do with actual books. Apparently some authors pay huge money to make the lists. Where does that leave us who have no money but wouldn’t try this trick even if we had any? It leaves us in the… Read more »

News Release Basics for Writers — Ruth L. Snyder

Any writer who is working on marketing a book or other product should know some basics about news releases. For a quick overview, check out

10 Twitter Resources for Writers — Ruth L. Snyder

Now that you know the basics of Twitter you’re ready to dive in deeper. There are many topics we could discuss about Twitter. However, each writer has different reasons for using Twitter which will affect what he or she wants to learn. Here are some resources I’ve found helpful.

10 Tips to Create Outstanding Tweets — Ruth L. Snyder

You have your Twitter account set up, now you’re ready to tweet. Here are ten tips for creating outstanding tweets that will help you gain followers and keep people interested in what you have to say.

10 Ways to Increase Book Sales at Speaking Engagements — Jack Popjes

Last Sunday I spoke twice at a small-town church with a congregation of about 150 people. I sold 60 books—an average of one book for every 2.5 people. The net income from the book sales was double what I received as a speaker’s honorarium.