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Creating Authentic Characters — Janice Dick

There are many methods for creating fictional characters. We’ll look at how to: create characters from our imaginations use people we know and alter them to be unrecognizable create conglomerates using characteristics from a number of people use actual people

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The Basic Elements of Fiction — Janice Dick

When I present a talk on novel writing, I often ask the audience for their input on the basic elements of fiction, and they come up with several immediately: plot, setting and character. Let’s begin with these. Plot, according to James Scott Bell in his excellent how-to book Plot & Structure, is: “1) a small… Read more »

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5 Reasons you should create your own writer’s notebook — Ruth L. Snyder

Every writer should have a notebook that goes everywhere with them and is used every day. Why? Here are my top five reasons: 1. To keep track of possible topics for stories or articles – Ideas come to writers at the strangest times and places. You could be sleeping, or walking down the sidewalk, or… Read more »

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Write using your 5 senses — Ruth L. Snyder

A phrase we hear often as writers is “Show, don’t tell.” One way we can do this more effectively is to include descriptions using all five senses. “Sensory words paint vivid pictures that relate to the five senses: sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste. In fiction, non-fiction and poetry, they serve as a type of shorthand… Read more »

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