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Chasing the Rainbow by Brenda J Wood

Chasing the Rainbow Well, it’s the right month for it! Rainbows and St Patrick’s and March all go together. As writers, are we chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Before we chase rainbows, let’s be sure that we put our best effort  forth so that we earn that gold. Is… Read more »

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What If Writers Think? by Brenda J. Wood

Have you ever been in that kind of situation where the person you are talking to has no idea what you’re saying? Or perhaps, someone is explaining something to you, and you just don’t understand? That creates a terrible mess, doesn’t it? Think children. You say, “Time for bed,” and they hear, “Five more minutes.”… Read more »

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Is Writing All Over Me? by Brenda J. Wood

I feel an obligation to write. Therefore, I read articles about writing. I join online teaching events. I buy books about writing. I write books about writing. I teach writing classes. I am all over writing, but is writing all over me? As a Christian, what are my writing obligations? Can I write what I… Read more »

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False Evidence Appearing Real by Brenda J Wood

That’s it, folks! The one thing that holds us back is fear, better known as F- False E-Evidence A-Appearing R-Real. That’s your real problem. It’s not lack of time or children or job or weather or sick parents or anything else you can name. Your real problem is fear. Before you get too touchy, let… Read more »

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