Hitting Our Stride by Steph Beth Nickel

Do you feel as if you’re juggling too many balls or spinning too many plates? Have you dropped a ball or two? Have a few Corelle plates fallen to the floor? Or maybe the fine china is taking a beating, lying in shards on the ground. (Not to worry! I’ll stop mixing my metaphors soon. Read More

“Summertime, and the living is easy …” by Janice L. Dick

IMG_1194Ha! Obviously, George Gershwin had a different perspective of summer than I do. Summertime living is busy and enjoyable, but not necessarily easy. There is yard work to do, added to the usual routine.

When the living is busy, our writing can sometimes reach an impasse. Not that we’re blocked by lack of ideas. Often it’s more the impossibility of accomplishing everything we need to do.

How do we “get over the hump” and back to routine?

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