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Nuggets from This Year’s Fall Conference by Tracy Krauss

Every year I look forward to attending InScribe’s annual Fall Conference. This year was no exception. From the onset, I knew it would be different because it was being held at a camp rather than in a conference centre or hotel. A more “rustic” atmosphere meant we were more relaxed. “Retreat style” was the phrase… Read more »

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Life as Inspiration by Carol Harrison

As a Toastmaster, one of the frequent questions asked by those I mentored was, “What should I write a speech about? How do I choose a topic?” Topics for speeches, like ideas to write about, are all around us in everyday life. Yet often we don’t feel inspired or with so many ideas floating around,… Read more »

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Insights and Inspiration from DS Martin Part Two by Tracy Krauss

This is the second post inspired by the keynote addresses given by Canadian poet DS Martin at InScribe’s 2021 Fall Conference. To recap: Writing is a calling, but this doesn’t mean one has to write Christian content. The best way to glorify God is to strive to be excellent at whatever He’s called us to… Read more »

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Insights and Inspiration from DS Martin Part 1 by Tracy Krauss

At the recent InScribe Fall Conference, keynote and poet DS Martin shared some profound insights that are the focus of the next couple of posts. I hope readers glean something of value, whether it’s a refresher for those who attended the event or whether it’s new information. As Christian writers, we need to overcome the… Read more »

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Is Writing All Over Me? by Brenda J. Wood

I feel an obligation to write. Therefore, I read articles about writing. I join online teaching events. I buy books about writing. I write books about writing. I teach writing classes. I am all over writing, but is writing all over me? As a Christian, what are my writing obligations? Can I write what I… Read more »

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