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My Writing GPS by Lynne Collier

Doing Versus Being Have you ever found yourself lost and don’t have a GPS or a map? How did you respond? Quite often we drive frantically around in circles, hoping for a familiar landmark or road sign. If all fails, we stop and ask for directions. In his book do less, be more, Christian author… Read more »

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Insights and Inspiration from DS Martin Part Two by Tracy Krauss

This is the second post inspired by the keynote addresses given by Canadian poet DS Martin at InScribe’s 2021 Fall Conference. To recap: Writing is a calling, but this doesn’t mean one has to write Christian content. The best way to glorify God is to strive to be excellent at whatever He’s called us to… Read more »

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Gratitude in the Life of a Writer Part 2 by Lynne Collier

How Others Bless Me as a Writer I’ve been writing for a few years now. I thought I’d stop after my first book, but I was hooked. My first publication was a memoir about raising my son with autism. My side of the story, my son had published a few years earlier. And that was… Read more »

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Does Your Voice Matter by Lynne Collier

It took me a few years to get serious about writing. Like most writers, I questioned if my writing voice could possibly be important to the world. Especially today with all the self-published books on Amazon because the need for a royalty publisher is no longer necessary for publication. In the beginning, it seemed overwhelming… Read more »

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Is Writing All Over Me? by Brenda J. Wood

I feel an obligation to write. Therefore, I read articles about writing. I join online teaching events. I buy books about writing. I write books about writing. I teach writing classes. I am all over writing, but is writing all over me? As a Christian, what are my writing obligations? Can I write what I… Read more »

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Writing on the Ark by Brenda J Wood

Noah sits blissfully at his desk on the ark, surrounded by bleating sheep, roaring lions, and difficult relatives. He has an obligation to record the daily goings-on in his new book, Live the Life You Dreamed. His wife calls him to dinner. His kids want attention. The squirrels steal into birdcages and steal food. The… Read more »

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