Hitting Our Stride by Steph Beth Nickel

Do you feel as if you’re juggling too many balls or spinning too many plates?

Have you dropped a ball or two? Have a few Corelle plates fallen to the floor? Or maybe the fine china is taking a beating, lying in shards on the ground.

(Not to worry! I’ll stop mixing my metaphors soon. Maybe.)

Hitting our stride. Juggling balls. Spinning plates. What do they have to do with one another? And what do they have to do with this blog?

Just like you, the writers of this blog, including myself, are busy – very busy. I haven’t been able to keep up the once-a-week posting schedule for a very long time.

So, here’s the new plan:

We will post at least twice a month, most often on the second and fourth Thursdays (or Fridays) of the month.

We want to encourage you on your writing journey – and maybe even teach you a thing or two along the way. We just can’t promise to do so every week.

Here are five ideas to help you hit your stride and keep those balls in the air and the plates off the floor:

  1. Make a list of everything you must do during the week. Add the things you would like to accomplish, and then, those you’d love to get around to. Generally, work from your highest priorities to the least pressing projects. However, remember to include time to recharge and have fun. These items shouldn’t always be relegated to the bottom of the list. And remember … people are more important than projects.
  2. Do what you can to make those must-do-but-I-don’t-wanna tasks enjoyable – or, at least, bearable. While doing chores that don’t require 100 percent of your attention, play your favourite music or listen to an educational or entertaining podcast. Maybe listen to an audiobook. Intersperse less enjoyable tasks with those you that bring you joy.
  3. Examine the list you made. Be honest with yourself. Are there things you could set aside? Are there things you should set aside? It may not be forever, but if we set aside some of those balls and plates … Well, you get the idea.
  4. I am TERRIBLE at this, but it’s great advice nonetheless. As much as possible, stay focused on the task at hand until it’s completed. Things actually get done faster this way. It makes sense, but I still have a tough time committing.
  5. Reclaim some of those moments that slip through your fingers like so many fumbled juggling balls. Could you watch one episode of your favourite Netflix show instead of two (or five)? Restrict your time on social media? Minimize meal preparation time by devoting a few hours at the beginning of the week to do as much in advance as possible?

What helps you hit your stride? Juggle those balls? Spin those plates? We’d love to hear about it.

And if you’re looking to share some of your writing and writing-related knowledge and would like to join the pro blog team of writers, feel free to contact me. We can chat about what that would look like. After all, the more jugglers and plate spinners the better.

Steph Beth Nickel editor, writer, and podcaster (among other things), who is spinning too many plates
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  1. Tracy Krauss says:

    Thanks for these tips, Steph. Yes, it seems we have all ‘dropped a few balls’, but it’s good to know that we’re all human, too! Thanks for your faithfulness in moderating this blog.

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