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Scheduling the SMART Way by Tracy Krauss

Last time I mentioned the importance of creating some kind of schedule if one wishes to be a productive writer. This includes creating SMART goals for various projects. More on those in a bit. I recommend blocking out time that is specifically for writing – not social media, not marketing, not checking emails… Just writing…. Read more »

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Schedule Some Sanity by Tracy Krauss

Last time I talked about the importance of having a plan. Scheduling in time to write is possibly the most valuable thing a writer can do to increase productivity, and therefore, overall satisfaction. I recommend one hour of real writing each day. (For me, afternoons are best.) My schedule includes everything else that happens regularly,… Read more »

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Planning for Productivity by Tracy Krauss

Planning for Productivity I love sitting down periodically with a calendar, day planner, and a lengthy list of projects, chores, and dreams. For me, making the plan is half the fun! The key to success, however, is not allowing stress about failed resolutions derail my plan altogether. When I see that something isn’t working out,… Read more »

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“Summertime, and the living is easy …” by Janice L. Dick

Ha! Obviously, George Gershwin had a different perspective of summer than I do. Summertime living is busy and enjoyable, but not necessarily easy. There is yard work to do, added to the usual routine. When the living is busy, our writing can sometimes reach an impasse. Not that we’re blocked by lack of ideas. Often… Read more »

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