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Decisions, Decisions by Tracy Krauss

Two Necessities When Deciding What to Write Coming up with ideas has never been a problem for me. I have tons for both fiction and non-fiction running rampant in my head at any given time. I suppose the better question is, how do I decide what to focus on at any given time? Organizing my… Read more »

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Two All-Time Favourites for Back to Writers’ School by Tracy Krauss

Two All-Time Favourite for Back to Writers’ School I love learning. I’ve read tons of books on writing craft and marketing books, as well as taken several online courses. There are many good options out there, but to save on space (lest I overwhelm with too many good options) I’ve narrowed it down to my… Read more »

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Celebrating Technology by Steph Beth Nickel

Connect to the Internet and you’re bombarded with devastating world news, political issues that polarize and inflame, unbelievable local scenarios. I stopped watching the TV news and reading the newspaper many years ago. I found it just too overwhelming. And while all these things are true, I believe that we, as writers and as Christians,… Read more »

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