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Overcoming Writer’s Block by Steph Beth Nickel

Last time, we talked about A Different Kind of Writer’s Block. This time, we’re going to discuss how each of the hurdles I mentioned can assist us in overcoming writer’s block. Skills Development Books How these books can help us overcome writer’s block seems self-evident, but there are steps we must take if this is… Read more »

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A Different Kind of Writer’s Block by Steph Beth Nickel

We typically think of writer’s block as a mental state, fear of the blank page, concern that the words will never flow again. But today, I’d like to talk about a different kind of writer’s block, other things that keep us from getting words on the page. Don’t get me wrong. All the things on… Read more »

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Consider These Writing Opportunities by Steph Beth Nickel

Consider These Writing Opportunities Today let’s look at five writing opportunities you may not have considered. Picture Books Whether or not you ever publish a children’s book, there are many skills to be learned from writing a picture book manuscript—or two or three. Check out a stack of picture books from your local library. I… Read more »

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Course Overload by Steph Beth Nickel

Course Overload I have a tough time passing up a deal … especially on writing and writing-related courses. How about you?

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Celebrating Technology by Steph Beth Nickel

Connect to the Internet and you’re bombarded with devastating world news, political issues that polarize and inflame, unbelievable local scenarios. I stopped watching the TV news and reading the newspaper many years ago. I found it just too overwhelming. And while all these things are true, I believe that we, as writers and as Christians,… Read more »

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