Writing Process

Choosing a Writing Method by Pamela Mytroen

What writing method do you use for short stories or novels? There are many. There’s the Skeleton Method that Angela Hunt uses (and taught us at our Fall Conference). Or there’s the Chapter Method where the story is first summarized in one or two sentences and then each chapter is summarized on index cards. The… Read more »

Decisions, Decisions by Tracy Krauss

Two Necessities When Deciding What to Write Coming up with ideas has never been a problem for me. I have tons for both fiction and non-fiction running rampant in my head at any given time. I suppose the better question is, how do I decide what to focus on at any given time? Organizing my… Read more »

Combining the P’s by Tracy Krauss

Tracy Krauss was not able to share a new post with us this week. Instead, you will find her first post for this blog below. Enjoy! Plotting vs. Pantsing There is much debate among authors over which works best. There is certainly merit to both methods. Plotting ensures continuity while pantsing keeps it fresh. It’s… Read more »

Oo, Shiny by Steph Beth Nickel

Like most writers, I want my work to shine. I’m not particularly interested in awards or acclaim, but I do want it to be the best it can be. And now for the disclaimer … I want the first draft to burst forth sparkling like a perfectly cut diamond. I know. I know. Not going… Read more »