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You Have to Write the Manuscript by Janice L Dick

In a relatively recent mentoring situation, I developed a simple overview of the writing process, as I see it. I also used some of this info for a workshop at the InScribe Conference in 2022. There are three essential parts: writing, publishing, and marketing. You may be well-versed in some areas but missing other aspects… Read more »

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The Other W Questions of Writing by Steph Beth Nickel

The Other W Questions of Writing Over the past three weeks, we’ve touched on what to write and why. Today, let’s delve briefly into the Who, When, Where, and How questions. Who? This may seem like a silly question. As a writer, you may say, “Well, d’uh! The answer is me of course.” But you… Read more »

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What Should I Write? by Steph Beth Nickel

What Should I Write? This is the first in a four-part series exploring what you should write and why. Whether you make your living as a writer or are brand new to the adventure, it’s good to ask yourself these questions from time to time. How do you decide what to write? Here are nine… Read more »

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