Celebrating Technology by Steph Beth Nickel

Connect to the Internet and you’re bombarded with devastating world news, political issues that polarize and inflame, unbelievable local scenarios.

I stopped watching the TV news and reading the newspaper many years ago. I found it just too overwhelming.

And while all these things are true, I believe that we, as writers and as Christians, live in exciting times.

Just what are some of the reasons I celebrate 21st-century life, in particular, ground-breaking technology?

Online Courses

Granted, I’ve signed up for more free (and low cost) courses than I’ll likely ever get through, but there’s so much to learn and having it delivered to my inbox in bite-sized pieces is helpful.

Many courses offer lifetime access to online audio and video resources for a reasonable cost. “Lifetime access” gives me the sense that one of these days I’ll get around to checking out the storehouse of information awaiting me in cyberspace.

Learning from those who are further along the journey than we are is incredibly helpful and as close as our fingertips—and a good Internet connection.

Podcasts and Audiobooks, Etc.

I have recently discovered the joy of listening to podcasts, videos, and audiobooks online.

During the month of July, I was alone in the church office for several hours every day. There were many things I could accomplish while listening to teachings on writing and Christian living.

I also listened to an entire book read by the author over seven hours and immersed myself in Christian praise and worship music. I am especially fond of Matthew West and Toby Mac.

Being an extrovert, these endeavours fulfilled many purposes, including  keeping me company.


While I haven’t taken the time to learn how to use Scrivener, I have downloaded it. Many writers love this software, especially for writing fiction.

I am greatly tempted to sign up for Joseph Michael’s “Learn Scrivener Fast,” but I must resist.


From staying in touch with family and friends to connecting with clients, Skype is amazing.

I have an editing client who lives in Germany. Our face-to-face chats have created a connection and dialogue we never could have enjoyed via email—or afforded if we were to use the telephone.

If you haven’t used Skype for professional connections, I encourage you to do so.

Social Networks

Yes, it is possible to fritter away countless hours on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, G+, etc., etc., etc. But when used wisely, we can connect with people all around the globe and develop working relationships, friendships, and Christian fellowship. Amazing!

These are only a handful of technologies to celebrate. What are some of your favourites?Brenda and Stephanie 2

Steph Beth Nickel is the coauthor of Paralympian Deborah L. Willows’ memoir, Living Beyond My Circumstances, published by Castle Quay Books. They are currently working on a follow-up book, Still Living Beyond My Circumstances. Among other things, Steph is a freelance writer and editor. You can connect with her at stephbethnickel@gmail.com … on her Facebook author page … or on Twitter (Photo Credit of Steph and the fun-loving Brenda J. Wood: Belinda Burston)

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