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Scheduling the SMART Way by Tracy Krauss

Last time I mentioned the importance of creating some kind of schedule if one wishes to be a productive writer. This includes creating SMART goals for various projects. More on those in a bit. I recommend blocking out time that is specifically for writing – not social media, not marketing, not checking emails… Just writing…. Read more »

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Planning for Productivity by Tracy Krauss

Planning for Productivity I love sitting down periodically with a calendar, day planner, and a lengthy list of projects, chores, and dreams. For me, making the plan is half the fun! The key to success, however, is not allowing stress about failed resolutions derail my plan altogether. When I see that something isn’t working out,… Read more »

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Summer Productivity All Year Long by Tracy Krauss

For many writers I know, summer is a time for slowing down, relaxing their schedules, or even taking a writing hiatus altogether. Not so for me. As a public school teacher, summer vacation is my time to ramp things up. Inevitably, I set pretty lofty goals for myself. While I don’t always meet every objective,… Read more »

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Missing the Boat by Brenda J Wood

Call me what you will. I am a Johnny/Brenda Come Lately who missed the boat. I had a deadline on the Inscribe page and I missed it. I forgot to send in my blog entry. I am not a greenhorn, a novice or an upstart. That disqualifies me as a Johnny. I did, however, lose… Read more »

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Holed Up or Hold Up?

A while back, I got to thinking about why I have such a tough time just sitting down to write. I have lots of ideas for books floating around my head. And because I work from home, I have the privilege of creating my own schedule. So, what’s the hold up?

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