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Didn’t we all suspect this? Best Seller Lists are a scam. Artificially bumped-up sales have nothing to do with actual books. Apparently some authors pay huge money to make the lists.
Where does that leave us who have no money but wouldn’t try this trick even if we had any?
It leaves us in the best place ever, full of integrity and trusting God.

Some folks in my circle have been telling me how to market:
You must take your books and sit in ____________store and sell.
You must name drop your book at every opportunity.
You must call___________ and demand an audience.
You have to _______________.

No, I don’t have to and neither do you. Our job is to do what God tells us to do. Shortly after one of these outbursts, I simply prayed for direction. Within 24 hours, I was booked for an hour long TV interview, a session of the writing class I teach and some other surprising speaking engagements.  Every one of them fits into the busy schedule I maintain in regular life.  You see, God knows my schedule better than any one.
Of course, I have a blog, a facebook account and I am on LinkedIn. Why, because God pointed those out to me. Do I spend a ton of time on any of them? No. Why? Because I am a writer and writers are supposed to write!

Maybe I will need a human publicity agent someday but right now I am content with the best One ever!   Today I choose to follow the One who leads me and wait for His command.


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