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What They Write and Why by Steph Beth Nickel

What They Write and Why Are you part of a writers’ group? The ladies I’ve met with over the past decade are diverse, as is their writing. But we’ve learned much during our time together, including what we want to write and why—for now at least. Memoir Barbara is working on a talk she will… Read more »

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Five Ways to Stay Motivated in the Summer by Pamela Mytroen

Summer brings a new set of scents, sounds, and sights, and yet with all the travelling, friends visiting, and extra responsibilities such as painting that fence or gardening, it is difficult to squeeze writing into the mix. Here are five ways I have discovered that help me stay on track in the summer: 1. Take… Read more »

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Colour Me Gracious by Brenda J. Wood

Writers’ groups and their goals are as varied as the words on a page. They range from the tender and all-forgiving to the meanest criticism in the world. I’ve been a member of both types of groups and I definitely prefer the kinder kind. Unfortunately, some people thrive on shredding your work to pieces because… Read more »

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