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The Is and Isn’t of Memoir Part 2 by Connie Mae Inglis

Welcome back to Part 2 of my posts on what I’ve learned about memoir i.e., what memoir ISN’T and what memoir IS. Let’s continue on: Think about an autobiography, which generally tells the personal story of someone’s life in chronological order. That’s plot-driven. But in a memoir, each event shared from a person’s life has… Read more »

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The Is and Isn’t of Memoir Part 1 by Connie Mae Inglis

Memoir has become a popular genre in the last ten years. If you walk into any bookstore, you’ll find a number of memoirs on the “Top Ten” books of the month. It seems anyone and everyone has a memoir—from Prince Harry’s Spare and Christine Sinclair’s Playing the Long Game to Elizabeth A. Trembley’s graphic memoir,… Read more »

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The Power of Short-Form Writing by Lynne Collier

How writing shorter pieces can help with long-term goals… I thought that to be a successful author, I needed to write a stack of epic novels. That was somewhat disheartening because I don’t have the talent or attention span for that. So, I began my career as a writer accidentally. A friend, a psychologist, suggested… Read more »

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Too Many Interesting People by Sheila Webster

I don’t like to meet too many interesting people. If you know me, I am sure you don’t believe me, but it is true. If they are interesting to me, I may want to write about them or help them with their story…or make a compilation based around part of their interesting story. Just last… Read more »

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What They Write and Why by Steph Beth Nickel

What They Write and Why Are you part of a writers’ group? The ladies I’ve met with over the past decade are diverse, as is their writing. But we’ve learned much during our time together, including what we want to write and why—for now at least. Memoir Barbara is working on a talk she will… Read more »

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The Memoir of Autobiography by Brenda J. Wood

December 10 is the deadline for this page, the same day my son was born so many years ago. He came a bit earlier than expected, as I remember it. His version of the story is quite different. Pretty much every memoir we write is like that. You, the author, see it and write it… Read more »

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Digging Deeper by Carolyn R. Wilker

In a recent class I taught on finding the stories that matter, my retired adult students named people they’d like to write about and more importantly, people in their lives who meant a great deal to them. The students’ stories, in this case, often came from childhood memories.

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