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It’s Just Fear Talking by Tracy Krauss

My colleagues have posted some excellent articles this month dealing with common ‘writerly’ fears and how to overcome them. Nothing worth doing comes easily or so it seems. So it makes sense that this also applies to the writing life. To quote writer Jeff Goins, “Do it afraid.” Good advice. Some of the best learning… Read more »

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12 Reasons to Attend a Writers’ Conference by Steph Beth Nickel

Although I was only able to attend the Saturday sessions of Write Canada this year, as always, I was abundantly blessed. Here are a dozen benefits of attending a conference or even a one-day workshop: Focus exclusively on writing and related topics. Especially if you write from home, there are many day-to-day things that distract from… Read more »

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Getting value from a writer’s conference — Carolyn Wilker

Having attended writer’s conferences over the years, I encourage others to try it out. Those opportunities charged and inspired me and offered the push I needed to move on.  It’s one thing to sign up and say you’re going; preparing oneself to get the most from the event is just as important. 

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