Ten Steps to Prepare for Your Writers’ Workshop by Pamela Mytroen

1. Create an appropriate title for your workshop.
Your title is like a menu item. It must be short and concise but appealing and descriptive to writers as they peruse the list of workshops at a conference. “The Life of Pie for Writers” was one of my recent workshop titles. It worked well visually.

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Getting value from a writer’s conference — Carolyn Wilker

Having attended writer’s conferences over the years, I encourage others to try it out. Those opportunities charged and inspired me and offered the push I needed to move on.  It’s one thing to sign up and say you’re going; preparing oneself to get the most from the event is just as important. 

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How to Run a Leaving a Legacy of God-Stories Workshop — Jack Popjes

Start by introducing yourself as presenter, pass out paper and pencils, and quickly go over the Goal and Outline of the Workshop. The Workshop will take about 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the number of participants, and the level of their participation.

The Goal is to learn what God-stories are, and how to gather the facts

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