A Variety of Genres by Steph Beth Nickel

While there are several advantages to writing in only one or two genres, there are successful authors who write in a variety of genres.

Authors choose the genre(s) they write in based on a number of factors. Not surprisingly, one of these factors is what they enjoy reading.

The following are some of the genres I read regularly and why or why not I would consider trying my hand at each:


Cozy Mystery

This is one of my favourite genres. (You can read what I consider to be the traits of a compelling mystery in today’s InScribe blog post.)

Although I may consider writing cozy mysteries at some point, they require far more outlining than I’m used to.


I watch TV shows and movies in this genre but read very few fantasy books. I am, however, currently reading Brandon Sanderson’s Tress of the Emerald Sea and thoroughly enjoying it, due in large part to the fact that I have often laughed out loud while reading it. Tress… is not a typical fantasy, however.

I doubt I will ever write fantasy, although the YA novel I am working on qualifies as speculative fiction and “rubs shoulders” with the fantasy genre.

Romantic Suspense

I enjoy a gripping page-turner in almost any sweet/clean/cozy genre, but often find romantic suspense the most compelling. Those and cozy mysteries. I prefer those that highlight the suspense rather than the romance.

Although I have never imagined writing a romantic suspense, the seed of an idea has sprouted. I will add it to my Ideas File, and we’ll see what happens in the future. Again, this is a genre I feel would require a fairly detailed outline, which is not my preferred way of writing.

Sweet Rom-Com

Rom-coms are not necessarily as “fluffy” as you may think. I have read many that include believable characters struggling with real-life issues. Add that to a LOL love story, and it’s often what I need in the midst of a busy schedule and the heaviness and heartbreak all around that threaten to weigh me down.

It would take a good deal of research to find the readership who would be interested in the type of rom-com I would want to write. It’s not something I’ve given serious thought to, but there’s no harm in adding some notes to my Ideas File.


Christian Living

I know people who read only the Bible and others who read only Christian living books as well as the Scriptures. As you can tell, however, this is not me. I doubt it ever will be. Still, there are several books in this genre on my shelves (both physical and virtual) that I intend to (re)read.

Unless the Lord directs me otherwise, I will not likely write a book in this genre. I do write short pieces that qualify. It is not, however, my focus nor do I imagine it ever becoming so.

Devotional/Bible Study

Like many believers, I find devotionals and Bible studies that encourage me to dig into God’s Word, learn what it says, and apply it potentially lifechanging, and I often use one during my “quiet time.”

I have written a number of devotionals and have considered compiling several of them into a book on the gospel of John. However, I am uncertain where the book would fit. Technically, it wouldn’t be classified as a devotional. Still, it may not go “deep enough” for readers to consider it a Bible study. Because I plan to self-publish, I am not bound by strict genre classifications. Still, I have to find an audience to make the endeavour worthwhile.

Skills Development

I am currently reading Creative Self-Publishing by Orna Ross and look forward to using this information to write and publish in the days to come.

This, among the many other books on the topics of writing, editing, and publishing that are available on the market (and on my bookshelves), indicates to me that this is a genre in which I will continue to read extensively. However, my writing on the subject is likely to be confined to social media posts and, possibly, online challenges and brief self-study courses.

How about you? What genres do you enjoy reading? As a writer, what are your preferred genres?

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