Too Many Interesting People by Sheila Webster

I don’t like to meet too many interesting people. If you know me, I am sure you don’t believe me, but it is true. If they are interesting to me, I may want to write about them or help them with their story…or make a compilation based around part of their interesting story.

Just last Sunday, I invited a friend to church, which was quite far from where we live. Two and a half hours later, we arrived, and I was afraid it was the wrong Sunday to bring him, as it seemed like the “celebration” was more just commercials about the church. He was happy there were free sausages and ice cream sandwiches though.

We had time for a bit of a chat amidst the fighting of my young ones in the back seat for three and a half of the five hours round trip. The outcome, of course, was that I want to ghostwrite his story because it was interesting to me and I think it would be for others.

It would be like a male version of Half-Breed, with more action and anger though. A lot of angst as well if you want to keep the alliteration going. In the moments we spoke as we drove past Dundurn, Hanley, Kenaston, Aylesbury, Bladworth, Craik, Davidson, and Chamberlain, I saw the book in my mind as if it was already written.

In my mind I called it For Real: The life of Dwayne… When he thinks I am not listening, he always says, “For real, Sheila! I am not joking.” I am paying deep attention though, just jotting notes on sticky pads in my mind, creating my unseen writer’s vision board. The story begins to unfold, and I am so into internally writing it I don’t want to come back to reality. The process is more intriguing and powerful to me than anything going on around me.

He carried on talking while I mentally flipped through the photos that would make a good cover, or would he want an original painting? Where would I take his author photo? What should he wear? I made another couple notes on what he was saying.

By the time we passed Tuxford, I was jotting down what his bio would be, the table of contents floated in the forefront of my mind. Themes were being subtitled and woven throughout the content. Moose Jaw, and I was already looking for where the book launch should be. Manitoba at Ebb and Flow? Saskatoon?

Sigh! I really hate meeting interesting people…

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