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Writing to Publish: Relationships are Key by Pamela Mytroen

Though writers may live a solitary life clacking away at their keyboard, healthy relationships are vital if they want to be published. At the core of a writer’s relationships is trust. First, I must prove myself trustworthy to my editor. She gives me assignments with a specific word count and depends on me to submit… Read more »

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The Long and Short of It by Pamela Mytroen

Here are four mistakes to avoid in journalism and human interest: I. TOO LONG – the Interview. The editor of The Times sent me off on my very first article. With high heels clicking and briefcase swinging, I knocked on the door of a soon-to-be-100-year-old. I settled myself in her antique rocker and began firing… Read more »

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11 Ways Writing Has Helped Me Grow by Pamela Mytroen

1. I learned that sometimes you don’t go anywhere as a writer until you take a risk. I got hired as a correspondent because I took a risk and pitched an editorial the day after 9/11. 2. I learned that 100-year-old women do not handle long interviews well. They tend to fall asleep. 3. In… Read more »

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