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Faith Inspired — by Nikki Rosen

Francine Rivers authored more than 20 novels, all of them bestsellers. Rivers dreamt of being a writer even as a young child. In university she moved towards making that dream happen by majoring in English. When she heard that publishers wanted romance novels, she went to work and wrote a few love stories. She submitted… Read more »

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Writing as Therapy — Nikki Rosen

Little Men by Louisa May Alcott has always been one of my favourite books. It’s a story full of compassion, grace, hope and transformed lives. However, the author is more known for her book, Little Women.  Publisher Thomas Niles suggested Alcott write a book about girls. He thought that would have widespread appeal. At first,… Read more »

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Fearless Marketing — Nikki Rosen

Mention the name Samuel Langhorne Clemens and people will scratch their heads and ask, “Who is that?” But say the name Mark Twain and they’ll break out in a smile and nod. He smoked at the age of nine, detested school and led a group of boys in wild pranks. Hmmm. Sounds a lot like… Read more »

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Unimagined Blessings — Nikki Rosen

“Okay, young man. That’ll be twenty five cents.” Lesra: Twenty-five cent? Must not be much of a book.”  [Movie: Hurricane Carter] Twenty-five cents for a book about a man’s life. Not much. But the boy, Lesra, bought it, went home and started to read. He couldn’t put the book down and when he finished, he wanted… Read more »

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Write what you know — Nikki Rosen

I’ve heard it said many times….’write what you know.’ Writing what we know can be a good springboard for developing stories that have impact. It’s what Harper Lee did. She penned one book – one book only – but that one book, To Kill a Mockingbird, has been read and reread and even made into… Read more »

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Success After 600 Rejection Slips — Nikki Rosen

I read the book in school and loved it. It was a story set in nature….of a wolf….and seeing things from the animal’s perspective. But the story wasn’t only about an animal…it was about human nature…and violence, decency and redemption.

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