So, You Think You Know Books by Brenda J Wood

So You Think You Know Books

1. Who was the youngest author on the New York best seller list?

2. What are the pen names of David Cornwall and Alfred Wight?

3. Dr. Seuss had best sellers on the fiction and non-fiction NY Times’ list. (True or false?)

4. Who holds the record for the most best sellers on both the NY Times List and the Guinness
Book of World Records? How many books?

5. How old was George Burns when he hit the best sellers list? What book got him there?

6. Which of the following books are fiction; which are nonfiction?
The New English Bible
The Bermuda Triangle 
The Search for Bridey Murphy
Travels with Charlie
In Cold Blood

1. Jake Marcionette, age 12.
2. John le Carre and James Herriot.
3. True (Oh the Places You’ll Go and You’re Only Old Once).
4. James Patterson. At the time of this writing, he has written 75 books.
5. George Burns was 92 years old when Gracie hit the list.
6. All of these books were on the nonfiction list.

So, as we have just learned, stop making excuses. here You are never too old or too young to write a best seller. You can write in several genres. Be sure to pick a pen name that suits your genre. The Bible stands up against any and all comers!

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