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Add Shine with Revision by Violet Nesdoly

You’ve just had an amazing idea. Like a good writer, you jotted it in your notebook and later wrote about it. Trouble is, your piece didn’t turn out nearly as brilliant as you thought it would. Before you “Delete” or toss your handwritten draft into the round file, try revision on it.

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The Elusive Comma — Carolyn R. Wilker

Imagine trying to read a long text without commas or other punctuation. Would it be hard to figure out where one sentence begins and another ends? What about the words in the middle of those sentences? Old English was written that way. With time, punctuation was developed, and some scribes used it more consistently than… Read more »

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Puzzling Punctuation — Carolyn Wilker

Punctuation trips up many writers, from beginner to the more experienced, so for this post, I’ll address six of the commonly used punctuation marks:  hyphen, en dash, em dash, colon, semicolon, and ellipsis. Knowing correct usage is important for anyone who writes.

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The Elusive Comma — Carolyn Wilker

In writing classes, particularly when it comes to grammar, we often get in a discussion over commas. While one throws up her hands and says, “Let the editor fix it,” another asks, “Tell me again where they go.”

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