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Christmas Anthology 2017

Christmas: Stories & More 3D Cover

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Lynne Collier


The Old is Made New Again – Page 124






Kathleen Friesen

Street Kid – Page 17






Pat Gerbrandt

“Family finances bring unanticipated change to Christmas celebrations for one little girl and her family.”

Christmas Firsts – Page 74




Gloria Guest


The Carol – Page 20






Marcia Lee Laycock


“Funny what you think about when you believe you’re going to die. Funny how much strangers can look like angels.”

On the Eve – Page 27




Tina Markeli


The Christmas Tree – Page 69






Ruth Smith Meyer


Sense of Value – Page 50

Double Blessing – Page 62





Nina Faye Morey


“When a gift is overlooked on her Christmas list, a sister needs to do some quick thinking.”

An Unexpected Gift – Page 43




Sally Meadows

“Remembering a beloved aunt by the love she baked into every cookie.”

Aunt Evie’s “Kringle” Cookies – Page 136

“A son’s Christmas-time treasure to hold onto forever.”

The Most Important Thing – Page 122



Pamela Mytroen

“It’s Ukraine, 1932 and Dmitri is starving. What could be more important than the potato he finds on the road?”

Christmas in Kharkiv, 1932 – Page 10



Charleen Raschke

“The posture of my heart in giving thanks was a powerful way to end the year.”

Christmas—A Time for Thanksgiving? – Page 100




Ruth L. Snyder

“A homeless family experiences the heavenly love of Jesus through people on earth.”

Hope for Jimmy – Page 36





Sandra Somers

“A Christmas tree and young nephews bring warmth and love to a lonely aunt.”

A Place of Refreshing – Page 114

“A woman uses her love of popcorn balls to add a new twist to candy bags for her church Christmas program.”

Of Popcorn Balls and Candy Bags – Page 133