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Read! Not me!!  “I am a writer,” I declared. So I slavishly struggled my words onto paper for years, feeling guilty every time I stopped for a relaxing reading break. Then someone told me writers need to read, read and read some more! I was in heaven. Finally, I had permission to dabble my mind into my much-loved mysteries, a few biographies and an occasional (gasp!) best-seller.

However, I admit I read differently now that I am a writer.

  • detectiveA misprint springs off the page. I only wish I found my own so easily! Someone should have caught ….and I wonder if they paid their editor too much or not enough.
  • I solve the murder by page 89. What did they do wrong? What gave it away?
  • Lengthy descriptions of scenery bore me. Two pages of descriptive bougainvillea in bloom do not advance the plot unless the body is found near one.
  • A strangely formed sentence catches my attention. I ponder it, asking myself why it bothers me, or even better, why does it work.
  • What was the author’s goal when she wrote the book? Did she simply have to get the second in the series out there? Is that why it fails in comparison to the first one?
  • Why are all the characters too good to be true? Haven’t they read the Old Testament or for that matter the New? Does it preach? Is that where I lose interest?
  • Is the structure something I could use in my novel?
  • Verb tenses bother me. Why did he write that in the third person? I ask myself…Doesn’t he know how to write from his heart instead of his head?
  • Descriptive adjectives float fancifully in my mind. My current favourite is ‘hair like whipped cream.’

And I return to my own work with a fresh eye. What about you? What do you notice when you read?


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