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The pen is the tongue of the mind.

~ Miguel de Cervantes

Our magazine, FellowScript, is published four times a year by InScribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship for its members.

Each issue (approx 30 pages) is filled with articles on writing, book reviews, market updates, writers’ tips and other writing-related features, all geared to inspire and provide practical take-away value for Christian writers.

Our editor is Sheila Webster.

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I have to write and express how much I appreciate the FellowScript Newsletters.  Somehow, ‘newsletter’ just doesn’t cut it, though.  The wealth of experience, the quality of advice, the generosity and humility in sharing go way beyond a simple newsletter.

I flip back through my copy and see yellow highlighting on almost every article.  As a longtime writer just beginning to venture out into the world of submissions and publishing, I want to thank everyone involved in contributing to and compiling FellowScript.  Your collective efforts are encouraging and growing confidence in new writers as well as seasoned ones, I’m sure.

Keep up the good work.

~ Bobbi Junior, as submitted to FellowScript, May 2013