Submission Guidelines

FellowScript magazine is published by InScribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship, Canada’s longest-serving organization for Christians who write. A thirty-plus page magazine, it is published four times annually for InScribe members. Distribution is approximately 200 per issue.

Our goal is to provide support, inspiration, instruction, and opportunities for our members to submit their work. Along with the website, we link our members across the country by providing member news and information about our events and regional groups. Check out blog opportunities on our website which are not covered under Fellowscript and do not pay, but do give you a place to showcase your ideas on writing and faith to other writers.


Feature articles: 750 words (few exceptions). We want articles written in a casual, anecdotal style with an emphasis on take-away value for Christian writers. Write something a reader can put into practice right away. (We may use a few articles that emphasize encouragement, showing how a writer overcame a particular fear or difficulty.)

Columns: 600 words. We have a limited number of columnist opportunities a year.  New column suggestions are always reviewed and appreciated. The term for columnists is one year.

Mini Columns: up to 300 words.  Most of these are assigned but afford a writer a byline.

Book and Market Reviews: 150-300 words. Reviews that explore only material of particular relevance to Christian writers or that inform writers of new markets for their work, or that provide information about changes in markets. We also publish reviews of members’ books. (no pay)

Fillers and Tips: 25-500 words. May be used (with author’s permission) in our online electronic version for a period of no more than three months. Do you have a brief explanation of how to be more productive or successful as a writer? Share it with our readers. (no pay)

Photographs/Artwork: Photographs or artwork are occasionally used on the cover of FellowScript or as fillers inside. Please query before submitting, giving a description of the photo/art and where it may fit. Photos and art should be emailed as .jpgs, reasonable quality, black & white only. We have recently changed to a magazine style and so are looking theme based material or related to members book launches, fall conference, or WorDshops.

General: up to 700 words. We are willing to look at any article likely to achieve our stated goals. We always prefer material specifically slanted towards the needs and interests of Canadian Christian writers. We do not publish testimonials. We give preference to members and to Canadian writers.

Poetry: Poetry submissions are paid a small one time fee.

Editor-In-Chief, Fellowscript


Articles  – Three cents per word (Canadian funds) for one-time rights, or one and one-half cents per word for reprint rights, paid on publication; an extra half cent paid for publication (with author’s permission) on our website for a period of no more than three months.

Book and Market Reviews  (no payment; but an author byline included)

Columnists: Regular columnists are paid our standard column rate, which is not published.

Fillers and Tips (no payment) – Receive Byline and a PDF copy of the issue your filler was in, if you are not a member already.

Photographs/Artwork – Inside photos/art $5. (Currently, our covers are in-house chosen but if you feel you have a high-quality photo that you would like our layout editor to review for a theme issue contact us.)

All payments are made in Canadian fundsNon-Canadian contributors are paid in Canadian funds via e-transfer or cheque. We write very few checks and prefer writers to accept e-transfers.

Submission Deadlines & Publication

Spring (May issue) – deadline: Feb. 1

Summer (August issue) – deadline: May 1

Fall (November issue) – deadline: August 1

Winter (February issue) – deadline: Nov 1