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Find Your Why by Brenda J Wood

Find Your Why “Why do we write?” moaned my writing pal. “Why do we write when there is no market for our books?” She didn’t really like my answer and I guess I didn’t really like giving it either. “We write because God asks us to use our gift and our gift is writing.” You… Read more »

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10 Excuses I Hear Most Often

Thanks to Brenda Wood for sharing Lucy V. Hay’s post. 1. “I wish . . .” Stop it. Just stop it. You want to write? Do it. You want to try your hand at another type of writing? Do it. You want to change genres? Do it. DO IT! You get the gist. Life is… Read more »

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The Power of the Spirit in Our Writing by Janice Dick

Do you ever wonder if the hours, days, weeks, and years you spend at your computer arranging words is making any difference whatsoever in the grand scheme of life? I do. Since 1989, I’ve spent much of my time writing fiction. A lot of people don’t understand what I do, or why, but I keep… Read more »

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