The Writer’s Weight Loss Plan by Brenda J Wood

The Writer’s Weight Loss Plan

Am I a writer?

Can I write?

Should I write?

When can I possibly find time to write?

What will people think if I write?

What if no one likes my writing?

And, dear writer friend, note that all the questions are about me, my, and I. Where are you on this question sheet?

The stuff we think about uses all our brain power and then we have nothing to give to the projects we need to work on.

What if our words went something like this?

“Lord, you’ve confirmed to me that I am a writer. What do you want me to write? Oh that? But, Lord, doesn’t everyone know that already?”

Joyce Meyer was asked to speak at her biggest conference ever and when she asked the Lord what to speak on, the Lord told her, “Tell them I love them.”

She replied, “Lord, they already know that.”

He answered, “No, they don’t, because if they did, they wouldn’t act the way they do.”

So whatever He tells you to write, whatever opportunities He puts in your path, grab onto them with both hands. Write down any encouraging thoughts and motivational things that others say to you. Dwell on them.

As you write, confirming the Lord’s words in your life, your personal believe in yourself with strengthen too. You will look lighter when you talk about your book. And you are truly lighter because your conscience is no longer weighed down with the weight of non-accomplishment and fear.

As you grow in the Lord and in your writing, you will find this verse to be true for you and for your body.

“For once you were darkness, but now you are light in the Lord” (Ephesians 5:8a).

Yes, there is a weight loss plan just for writers, and it is that, through obedience, our load lightens and we are, indeed, light in the Lord.

brenda-woodBrenda J Wood is a motivational speaker and author

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