Who are You? by Brenda J. Wood

You are a writer. Just what does that look like?

  • You introduce yourself through your books.
  • You are not super organized unless it comes to plotting.
  • You are a pantser and make up your story as you go.
  • You thrive on deadlines.
  • Deadlines are your enemy.
  • Your favourite topic is your latest novel.
  • You are anti-social and hide behind your computer.
  • You find yourself the centre of attention and love it.
  • You know your characters better than you know yourself.
  • Your characters are an extension of yourself.
  • You forget your surroundings because you are plotting your novel.
  • You prefer writing to publicity.
  • You go with the flow.
  • You must have a definite plan.
  • You thrive on chaos.
  • You are energized in a group.
  • Privacy is your middle name.
  • Your mood depends on how many pages you wrote today.
  • You write in big chunks of time.
  • You write in any available sections of time.
  • Your email box buries you in panic.
  • You avoid writing like the plague.
  • You worry about what your reviewers say.
  • Your reality is your latest writing project.

Who are you? No matter your response to the statements above, you are a writer because writers come in all shapes and sizes. We are as varied as our words.

Who are you? You are a writer. The only thing holding you back is you.

Pick up your pen. Be true to yourself. And write.

brenda-woodBrenda J. Wood is a motivational speaker and author.

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