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InScribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship believes that contests are an excellent way for writers to stretch their skills and hone their craft. ICWF provides a variety of members-only contest opportunities to ensure all our writers have a chance to participate.


Unique to Inscribe, this contest invites participants to challenge themselves in both writing to guidelines and critiquing one another. New Word Challenges are posted on the Listserv (a private e-mail group for members) several times a year. (No fee)


This contest has something for writers in a variety of categories and at all writing levels. The Fall Contest is our largest writing event offering a variety of categories in numerous genres. (Fee / Cash Prizes)


Held early in the new year, the Winter Contest is run specifically for InScribe members who have published in the past year. Published items are scanned and submitted for judging. (Fee / Cash Prizes)


InScribe members are invited to submit Devotionals for fast-tracking to the The Upper Room Magazine online. Those accepted are published by Upper Room and translated to be read by both Christians and seekers around the world. Open to all Members – Meditations written to Upper Room Guidelines will be received by Glynis Belec and submitted to the Upper Room Editorial team on a quarterly basis.


FellowScript Magazine is published four times a year.  When a FellowScript contest is held, details will be provided only in the magazine.

These contests are exclusive to FellowScript readers. You never know when they’re coming, so be sure to check your FellowScript when it arrives!

Winning the contest automatically grants InScribe First North American Serial Rights to publish the winning entry in FellowScript Magazine at the current pay rate for articles.


APPLICATION DEADLINE: midnight on September 1st of every year.


Janette Oke Award deadline is midnight on September 1, 2018.


This is an annual contest for those members who attend the ICWF Fall Conference. You are invited to submit an entry on the impact that the Conference had on you. Your entry should be between 525 – 600 words, and it is to be submitted within one week from the end of the Fall Conference. The winner of this contest automatically grants InScribe First North American Serial Rights to publish their entry in the Fall issue of FellowScript at the current pay rate for articles. Email your submission to the editor at

Contests are open to InScribe members only. Join our community of writers today to take advantage of InScribe’s ongoing contest opportunities. A one-year membership makes you eligible to take part.

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Why Enter a Writing Contest?

If you’ve never taken the step to enter a writing competition, you may ask, why do so? One reason, it’s good practice — we are often told that the more you write, the better you’ll become. Another reason, as someone once said, the more you submit the more chances you have of winning.

Every contest provides the opportunity to gain experience and learn something new. An aspiring writer learns to write to deadline, specific guidelines and various lengths. An experienced writer can try out a new genre to ‘test the water’ before committing to something larger and more time-consuming.

By entering–and winning–an InScribe Competition, you could:

  • Get published. If you win a prize, your winning entry could be published in the pages of FellowScript, the FellowScript Fall Supplement, and on our ICWF website or blog*. Who knows where else it might go from there!
  • Get recognition. All Winners are listed in our newsletter, on our website, on our social media sites, and in FellowScript*. Fall Contest Winners will be announced at the Fall Conference.
  • Get feedback. Judges, who are experts in the writing community, are available to provide a profession critique of your contest entry or entries for an additional fee. Word Challenge entries will receive critiques from fellow InScribers.
  • Get prizes. Many of InScribe’s writing contests award cash prizes and certificates to First, Second, and Third place winners, plus certificates for Honourable Mentions. Word Challenge winners will receive token, writer-related prizes.


  •     * inclusion in any publication is at the discretion of the editorial staff


Another Reason To Enter

Although a winner’s cheque can be most rewarding, LinDee Rochelle, Founder of Women Writers Worldwide, points out in her article “Why Enter Writing Contests”, that a cheque in your hand often isn’t the real prize.  She describes the real prize this way:

” …even as you mail your entry, whether you win or not, you have triumphed. For it takes a spirit of a winner, the heart of an artist, and the determination of a corporate magnate to create, manifest, and bare your soul with your writing, and submit it to a contest.

If you are satisfied you submitted your best work (it isn’t worth it if you don’t) … if you enjoyed the writing process … and if you learned something in your self-imposed workshop—you are a winner!”

So why not take the step and submit one or more entries in our very next contest!